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Mission Critical Enterprise grade solutions at Small Business Prices.

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We've built a custom AI & Information platform so that you don't have to. All the tools you need in one place, tailored to your needs, and at a fraction of the cost of doing it your self.
Providing rapid custom relief for your pain points, AIT LABS

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Professional Support

Expert technical support available all day every day by phone or live chat.

White-labeled & Customizable

A platform already built out that can be expanded and customized specific to your needs.

Try it before you buy it

Most custom solutions can be delivered in days. So try it and see for yourself.

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Oh the Features & Functionality, the things we can do...

Mission Critical Enterprise grade solutions at Small Business Prices.



Expandable & customizable. A true platform.

Enterprise architecture, small business pricing.

  •   Analytics, Analysis, Intelligence.
  •   Custom & Private AI.
  •   Robust Security.
  •   Complex Integrations ETL.
  •   Data Visualization Distribution of Intelligence.
  •   AI Solution Generation.
  •   Professionals on standby to support you.
  •   Port old code, Legacy systems Modernization.
  •   AI Driven Automation.


Built to eliminate risk & reduce cost of custom

Private AI at it's core, to help you

  •   Built in CRM, CMS, ERP, eCommerce, Social Management, Accounting, Visualization, AI, and much more.
  •   Bring Data from any source.
  •   Annotate data records for enhanced analysis and analytics.
  •   Track data changes.
  •   Build data visualizations.
  •   Define, capture usage, build best practices & automate workflows.
  •   Replace or enhance current solutions.
  •   Robust security, built with Zero Trust architecture and above.
  •   Compliance with regulatory standards like HIPPA, SAS, PCI and more.
  •   Automate with AI Agents. Automate lead generation, automate candidate sourcing, automate social postings and more.
  •   Automate accounting & HR workflows, compliance and reporting.
  •   Push Intelligence to any end point.


Go from idea to product in hours, days..

Automation to help you scale

  •   Data: Sourced from multiple entries or systems. Capture, track and version your data.
  •   Automate data research and analysis.
  •   Measure: Add intelligent measurements, unique to our platform adding higher fidelity to your analytics. To help you tell better data stories.
  •   Capture, standardize and convert any workflow into full automation or a hybrid process between manual and automation.
  •   Automate: Dynamically route and trigger automation based on events, data and calculations or any other situation you need.
  •   Summarize and highlight main points of large volumes of data regardless of its form, location, or state.
  •   Assess Best Practices: Document and standardize workflows. Then use key features and components to use measurements to capture best practices for workflows.
  •   Convert complex accounting workflows into fully automated or semi-automated workflows.
  •   Distribute Intelligence: Capture and distribute intelligence developed and derived from all centralized information. This includes distribution to other systems.
  •   Automate compliance information capture and reporting.
  •   Artificial Intelligence: At it's core our platform has its own AI. Each instance has a unique and private running AI. Giving you the most power, and the least risk.
  •   Automate complex analysis and analytics. Combine it with automated creation of visualizations.
  •   Customizability: Built into its core, the platform allows us to enhance it as well as expand its capability. Further, we can use it to build stand alone custom solutions rapidly.
  •   Generate reviews of articles and research.
  •   Generate data simulation to speed up research execution.
  •   Perform adjudication of intricate information based on rules and regulations.
  •   Generate data annotation and commenting in real time.
  •   Crawl web and parse results based on rules.
  •   Communicate complex information in simple and understandable language.
  •   Automate workflows based on intricate events and triggers based on information or user actions.
  •   Perform sophisticated match analysis against complex data properties to produce match probabilities.
  •   Search variant data sources for resources based on sophisticated and complex properties to find best possible matches.
  •   Automate governance and compliance workflows and functions based on rules and regulations.
  •   Automate compliance reporting.
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Qualified Customers ONLY

We'll Build a Proof Of Concept At No Charge

Everyone gets...

  •  We'll host & Support
  •  Includes continuous Maintenance & Enhancements
  •  You own your data & Intelligence (AI)
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Enhance existing solutions with AI & Automation

Pull data in, build intelligence, perform automation and push results back.


Centralize information
& build advanced intelligence.

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Ingest Data Records: From any accessible source.

Set up connections to pull data, and place it on a re-occuring schedule.


Anotate Data

As an example, there are aspects of data and what it represents, it's changes over time, which if measured correctly can add higher degree of fidelity into your analytics.


Convert Intelligence Into Action

Our ability to capture workflows and develop best practices, reaching a climax of intelligent automation empowers you to do more with less.



  •  15 Years In The Making

    We took years to build, so that YOU don't have to. Rapid, robust solutions with AI as a standard.

  •  Human Support You Need

    Scientists, Engineers, Business Professionals all here to support you as you need them. No need to track hours, it's all included.

  •  Customer First, Always!

    A beat set by AIT leaders focused on supporting you, at the timeliest tempo possible.


Integrated with the systems you need, you like, and more to come ++








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Expand, Scale & Increase without the cost...

One person can make a difference ...


Automate User Generated Content

Seamlessly generate content based on complex rules and examples. Based on triggers or schedule.

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Automate Social

Post to multiple social sites, automatically or manually generate content based on schedule or triggers. Respond to comments and more..

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Get Expert Support

Use AI Agents, with expertise in specific fields and disciplines to help give advice or generate work for you. The benefits of employees without the cost.

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Automate Workflows

Define and capture workflows custom to how you do things. Then feed it to the our automation to do it all.

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Crawl Web For Intelligence

Use RSS feeds or point our built in web crawler to sites to help bring in data and build your intelligence and content generation.

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Use Channels To Generate Traffic

Using popular social and web channels you can automate posts and commenting to help generate interest in your assets.

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How It Works

Very much like a typical custom effort, except much faster and totally flexible and forgiving. You are allowed to change your mind, imagine that!


You Register

Start by completing our registration form, and giving us an idea of what you are looking for.


We meet to understand your vision/need

We'll setup a meeting to review and make sure we understand what you need. We'll account for the pressures of time and budgets. This will allow us to give you transparency and fair pricing.


We implement your vision and bring it to life

Typically you'll be testing and giving us feedback in less than 10 days... but sometimes, if you have a really complex idea it might take a little longer. We'll let you know ahead of time.


You try it, like it, make changes

We'll work on it and give you access as quickly as possible. Let you test, assess and provide feedback.


Get ready for production

You give us the green light, and it goes into production.


Go Live

Typically in 30 days... sometimes a little longer. Imagine finally your vision in front of you.


Our Latest News & Blogs

We keep our fingers on the pulse of technology and market trends, so that we can continue to deliver the best and the most useful capabilities for your solutions.

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Flux: Our Evolving Relationship with Automation and 3 Reasons Why It's a Net Positive

The term AI, or artificial intelligence, is thrown around as a kind of panacea for all smart automation technologies out there. Most of what I read about AI is overgeneralized and lacks the nuance necessary to help people understand more about the specific technologies involved and how they are evolving. A greater understanding of AI and how it will change our relationship with technology is what I'm looking to provide in this blog post.

AIT Staff

It Start's With "Hello..."


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