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Our clients benefited by getting,

  • technology to help significantly increased revenue in as little as 90 days
  • convert data into intelligence and results with in 45 days
  • build solutions in a fraction of the time, and cost
  • become industry leaders in as little as 9 months
  • on-shored your IT, cost effectively
  • benefit from advanced and dedicated data teams at a fraction of their typical cost
and much more…

Informative articles …

Flux: Our Evolving Relationship with Automation and 3 Reasons Why It’s a Net Positive

The term AI, or artificial intelligence, is thrown around as a kind of panacea for all smart automation technologies out there. Most of what I read about AI is overgeneralized and lacks the nuance necessary to help people understand more about the specific technologies involved and how they are evolving. A greater understanding of AI and how it will change our relationship with technology is what I'm looking to provide in this blog post.

3 Ways Automated Software Development Will Affect Pros and End Users

Large-scale adoption of automated software development (ASD) technologies is both inevitable and closer than most people realize — and it's going to be a disruptive force in the software development industry. Sound far-fetched? It's not when you consider recent history.
While we tend to think tech companies are driven by innovation, the reality is that innovation often takes a back seat to cost savings. In fact, we're nearly 20 years into the widespread offshoring of U.S. software development jobs to lower cost regions. In the beginning, offshoring was extremely unpopular in the U.S., but IBM and many other major players took the heat and did it anyway.

How AI Isn’t Really Intelligence – 3 Facts that Challenge Popular Notions of Intelligence and AI

Trick question: What is the name of the field of study devoted to understanding the nature of intelligence?

Answer: There isn’t one. In fact, there is no unified scientific lens through which intelligence is studied. Complicating things further, the various fields or lenses we do have all come with built-in biases. Psychological and medical definitions, for example, tend to focus on the cognitive and emotional abilities of the human brain.

AI, on the other hand, has so far mostly been described in terms and concepts from advanced mathematics, physics, and electrical engineering — basically, in the language of the people who created AI.


Services …


  • Data Analysis & Intelligence Development
  • Sophisticated & Complex Data Development
  • Information Security
  • Data ETL
  • Data Visualization


  • Solution Development & Maintenance for new or existing solutions
  • Programming support - If you don’t have time or the resources, we can help code it!
  • Solution modernization, including older or bespoke languages and technologies
  • Creation of complex automations

Driven by your focus …

  • Evolving or building new technology (code migration, etc.)
  • Supporting existing technology with little to no documentation
  • Working with complex and disconnected data
  • Integrations and automation for increased efficiencies
  • Bringing together data to build intelligence and wisdom
  • Building AI/ML to help automate decisions
  • Building models and visualizations to help see trends

Our Process …

  1. Data & the information it holds
    Working with you and your organization, we develop awareness of data & information your organizations holds and generates. We get to work to attempt to convert this into understandable and usable intelligence.
  2. Intelligence
    Using our unique set of methodologies, and technologies we develop a complete and understandable version of the story your information is attempting to tell. We make sure all of this makes sense to you and your team.
  3. Wisdom
    Using novel technologies, we can help you find the wisdom in the intelligence so that you can begin to plan out decisions and actions.
  4. Action & Automation
    Now we can make well informed and substantiated decisions and act on those decisions. Once we see the decisions are working, the actions are resulting in success, we look to automation to create efficiencies. This is automation at its most sophisticated levels.
  5. Prediction
    Looking at all the data and intelligence, especially from the action and results, we look forward using predictive models, AI/ML and simulation models to see if we have opportunities, dangers or other details we need to pay attention to or adjust our current course of action.
  6. Repeat, CANI by Tony Robbins a variation of CI.
    Constant & never-ending improvement
This may sound simple, but the underlying expertise, experience & technologies required, are not.
If done correctly it produce amazing ROI. Few can do it correctly.

Our Staff …

  • Data Scientists
  • Data Analysts
  • Solution Architects
  • Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • CIO, CTO
We can offer you:
  • On average more than 20 years of direct hands on experience.
  • Staff, available to you, “Ad-Hoc”, On Demand, Short Term or Long Term. No Commitments.
  • Self Service Portal, with access to unique proprietary tools & technologies.

Informative articles …

Does Technology, Built or Maintained in One Region of the World Have Cultural Implications in Another?

Most human beliefs, insights, and actions are derivatives of the cultural lineage they belong to. In a highly interconnected world where products and services are created, run, and serviced by teams in different continents, it’s pertinent to ask whether different cultural characteristics impact technology, choices of partners and services rendered.

Even in a highly globalized world, cultural preferences haven’t become homogenized as one would like to believe. One could argue that as there’s a move towards assimilation, especially oriented toward the Western cultures, there’s greater resistance in different countries against the perceived loss of their identities.

10 Signs That Your Business Is in Trouble

If there’s one thing that all failed business owners or founders later wish for, it’s that things would have been completely different if someone had notified them of their problems. As an entrepreneur and being busy with operations, you may not realize if your business is in trouble. To help you out, here are ten signs that spell trouble for your business.

3 Tips for Incorporating AI into Your Business Processes

Artificial intelligence (AI)’s standing as an overused buzzword has surpassed all other overused buzzwords. It is the ultimate silver bullet that will fix, optimize, or improve all challenges being confronted by people and businesses today — or so they say.



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